Using AssertThat scenario properties in JQL search

Please follow steps described in section on this page after upgrading to v1.8 in order to reindex existing scenarios and features tags. Further updates to the tags will be indexed automatically.

Properties types

The following custom scenario properties are available for use in JQL search for querying and reporting.

Number properties data type[assertthat-scenarios].passed[assertthat-scenarios].failed[assertthat-scenarios].in_progress[assertthat-scenarios].not_run[assertthat-scenarios].total[assertthat-scenarios].automated[assertthat-scenarios].manual

Text properties data type (list of space separated tags, tokenized before indexing and allows for searching for particular tag)[assertthat-scenarios].tags (available since version 1.8, follow the steps in section below after upgrade to version 1.8)

For example looking for Jira issues with at least one failed scenarios

project = DEMO AND[assertthat-scenarios].failed>0

Or for Jira issues which have scenarios linked with a 'regression' tag

project = DEMO AND[assertthat-scenarios].tags ~ "regression"


All new scenarios/linkage created after 26/09/2021 will be automatically indexed and available for querying in JQL. In order to add existing scenarios to index the manual action is required

  1. Navigate to project configuration page

  2. Click 'Reindex now' button