Using Tags

Tags are one of the key tools to organise your scenarios.  As your feature files develop, tags provide a limitless way to organise your scenarios, a few examples of how they can be used are to identify functionality, to specify the test stage or the development status.

AssertThat - BDD & Cucumber for Jira provides the functionality to provide tags for:

Tags are inherited so for example

  • Feature tags apply for all Scenarios, Scenario Outline or Examples

  • Scenario outline tags apply for all Examples

Feature tags

Step 1: Access the AssertThat Feature menu

Step 2: Feature tags can be added from 2 places either on the main Features screen:


or from within the feature: 


Scenario or Scenario Outline tags

Step 1: Scenario and Scenario Outline tags are added in the scenarios screen:

Note that scenario outline tags are inherited for all examples.

Examples tags

Step 1: Examples tags are setup as follows: