Bulk updating Features, Scenarios, and Steps with Scenario Manager

Scenario Manager provides the tools to bulk update steps, tags, mode (automated or manual), and linked issues. Bulk updates can be made on all or a selection of feature files within a project.

Step 1 - Scenario manager is accessed from the feature page in AssertThat - BDD & Cucumber for Jira

Step 2: Filter by Feature name, Scenario name, Mode, Linked to or tags on the Scenario Manager screen. Note the tags used for filtering can be either Scenario or Feature tags.

Step 3: Adjust the display records field if the filter covers multiple pages.

Step 4: Select the scenarios for updating, either by selecting all scenarios or individual scenarios, and then select Edit Selected

Step 5: Select the item to scenarios

  • Tags - Add or Delete tags from multiple steps

  • Mode - Bulk change scenarios between Manual and Automated

  • Linked to - Add or Delete linked defects or issues to multiple scenarios

  • Steps - Find and replace steps