About AssertThat - BDD, Cucumber & Test Management for Jira

AssertThat - BDD, Cucumber & Test Management for Jira is the complete end to end solution for BDD in Jira:

BDD Editor

  • Create and organise feature files for your project

  • Add scenarios, tags, scenario background

  • Link scenarios to user stories all in Jira


  • Stories and Scenarios all in one place brings together teams to refine scenarios

  • Scenario manager tool to bulk update scenarios, steps and tags ensuring time is spent on the right activities

Automated testing

  • Easily export feature files and scenarios from AssertThat as part of build or test automation pipelines

  • Import cucumber.json test file results back into the AssertThat Jira plugin as part of the automated tests pipeline

Story Status

  • View and update scenario test status for manually executed scenarios

  • Automated test results updated against each scenario linked to user story in Jira

  • Easily view test execution status for each story for manual and automated scenarios

  • Link defects against scenarios

Automated test reporting

  • Powerful reporting tool for automated tests following the automated import of cucumber.json test using our client API’s and plugins

  • Automatically link existing defects against failed tests

  • Triage failed tests, assign failed tests for investigation, link defects