Test Execution status for User Stories

AssertThat - BDD & Cucumber for Jira displays the execution test status against each User Story for manual and automated tests.  Manual test status for the scenario can be updated on the user story itself.  Automated tests linked to the story will have the status updated following Integration with Test Automation Frameworks.

Independent manual scenario execution status

For Server and Datacenter new functionality has been introduced to allow the status of a Scenario to be set independently for each User Story in Jira. This functionality will be rolled out to our cloud customers soon.

This functionality can be toggled on and off from the AssertThat Configuration page:

Set the test status for Manual test scenarios

Step 1: From within the user story, confirm that the test status is set to manual.  Please note the test status can only be set for manual tests:

Step 2:  Update the test status for the scenario when the manual test has been run.  The test status can be set to "Not Run", "Passed", "Failed", and "In Progress" as per the 4 scenarios below. In addition when the status is updated Comments can be added and recorded:

Step 5: The history of the status change including who updated the status, when and comments can be viewed by expanding “View execution history”

Step 4: The test status for the scenario is available to view on the user story. The status reflects the status of both automated and manual test scenarios. 

Points of note when Independent manual scenario execution status toggled on:

  1. When scenarios are linked to a new User Stories, the execution status will be set to “No Run” and will not inherit the execution status from the old User Stories.

  2. When scenarios are linked and unlinked to the same User Story, the execution status will be set to the previous value.

  3. If a scenario is switched from Manual to Automated the execution status will be maintained.