Failures Report - Investigate failures from Automated Test Run

Following the import of Automated test reports, AssertThat - BDD & Cucumber for Jira provides a number of features to assist in the analysis of failed test runs:

  • Automatically link failed test run to defects

  • Fields to allocate failed tests to individuals for investigation

  • Add comments to failed tests in test run reports

Failed tests can be access either by going to the failed test report or by viewing all the scenarios in the failed test

Step 1: Access the failed test report by clicking on Failures only, or to view the failures with the passed scenarios click on the features:

Step 2: Assign the failed test for investigation

Step 3: Select the failed scenario for investigation

Step 4: Add notes and set a resolution status for the investigation:

Step 5: Link to existing defects. Start typing the defect and select the defect from the drop down: